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Boys cabin


Joel poses with a couple of his cabin mates. They all started out best friends, as nine of the ten of them were in the same cabin last year. But this afternoon, one wanted to stay in bed because others were being mean. So we took a break from our activity (rock wall), to share and reconcile. We read 1 John 4:20, and finished off by memorizing palms 133:1 – “How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.”
So it was good to see them get through that, and we trust that they’re growing together through it, both as a group and as individual young men.

Camp Eve

Tomorrow we leave for Kid’s Camp, so the excitement level around here is pretty high. The kids asked if they could build forts/tents in the living room, which I allowed after they got some other basic housework done — and they’ll have to clean this up, too. 🙂img_20160603_124549883.jpg
They even made a spot for Abby:
Which Anna enjoyed very much: