Monthly Archives: September 2014

Back to School 2014

James, Joel & Anna are heading back to school and growing up entirely too fast for my taste! Anna is becoming quite the chapter book reader and can’t wait to start cursive and multiplication. Joel is honing his writing skills and still loves drawing dragons in his free time. James is learning about organizing several different subjects and teachers into one 3-ring binder.

Joel turned 10 this summer and for a week was as tall as his older brother! His feet are a full size bigger already, but James shot up another inch or two. It won’t be easy to pass him! All three enjoyed lots of swimming lessons and pool time this summer, but we are all looking forward to some cooler weather!

They all join Mom for BSF on Monday nights again this year and have grown so much. This year is Life of Moses, which James and I began several years ago before moving mid-year back to Congo. It will be fun to finish the study in one place!

The dust is settling. The moving boxes are all finally gone. The last suitcases are finally unpacked. And we’re feeling more and more at home, even if we will never feel like Texans!