Monthly Archives: February 2011

So sorry for the 2-months of silence here… I have heard several of you encouraging me to continue blogging even while we spend a few months in North America. It has been quite a huge transition, naturally, from living in Central Africa to living in the States again. We have been away for two years, and a few things have changed. TV shows are now online instead of on TV. Pants are tight instead of loose. Boy’s hair is down in their face and leg warmers are back. Makes me see visions of jr. high… Now I feel old.

Anyway, James remembered lots of things right away, being the oldest. So he knew all about drinking fountains, restrooms with air blowers, automatic toilets and faucets, city parks, even remembered how to work a vacuum cleaner and that the bakery ladies at Fred Meyer have free cookies! Joel, on the other hand, mostly remembered family members and friends. He was old enough to understand we are here temporarily and moving around a bit, so he’s along for the (fun) ride.

Then there’s Anna, who was only just 2 when we left and really didn’t remember much of anything about our fast-paced, tasty, cold double life.

More on our adjustments to come…