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365 days ago we reluctantly entered Autismland.

365 days ago the specialist looked us in the eyes, and said the words that would echo through our past and future. Like a snapshot it seemed that time stood still.

“qualifies for a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome”

365 days ago we got confirmation of what we suspected (or was it ‘feared’?).

365 days ago marked the beginning of our quest; a quest for knowledge that would require all the strength and energy we could muster.

Like the beginning of a quest to climb Himalayan peaks.

We found maps.

We bought every guidebook.

We read reviews, testimonials and blog after blog.

We sought out testing, doctors, specialists, therapists.

365 days of putting one foot in front of the other.

365 days of climbing one of the highest peaks we ever attempted.

We learned.

We stretched.

We re-learned.

We gained ground.

365 days of just plain hard.

365 days hailing victory after victory.

In this one tiny slice of time, God has shown us in His mercy what is good. He has guided us to truth and restored many things in James’ body.

365 days ago, James had very little auditory processing. Today he has no difficulty whatsoever.

365 days ago, he avoided hugs and eye contact. Today he initiates both daily.

365 days ago, he was itchy with eczema all over. Today it is 95% gone.

365 days ago, he had meltdowns without rigid routines/schedules. Today he is happy to make it up as he goes along.

I cannot list them all. Like the melting of a glacier, these small (nearly invisible) victories have been won inch by inch.

Click HERE to read back over his journey this year.

Dripping, dripping, the obstacles melt away.

I almost forget where they were.

We are praising God today for the hard-won empty spaces.

Empty spaces that allow James to run free!

Happy Resurrection Day

We enjoyed a lovely Easter filled with friends and fellowship this year. Katie, our teacher, was here to enjoy it with us, and we had a big goat roast with some of our best Congolese friends. We got to sing Good Friday hymns with other expats and held an Easter egg hunt in our yard that the puppies were sad to miss. Kim got to sing with the Mamas choir the whole story of Easter in Swahili – Amefufuka!! (He is Risen!)

Here are a few pictures: