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Cheese and Chocolate

Kim normally works hard to make Valentine’s Day special around here, but yesterday when she was talking to the kids about what she was planning to make, they insisted on taking over last night’s dessert. They wanted chocolate mousse, but in a (heart shaped) chocolate crust, so they made it themselves. It actually worked out (somewhat to my surprise!), and they called it Murder by Death by Chocolate:

“Murder by Death by Chocolate”, by Joel and Anna

Treebeard and Quickbeam

Joel just finished reading the Lord of the Rings, and today he decided to put his love of fantasy into Lego. He had found kits online for $200+, but decided he could do it himself. Anyway, here he is, proud of his creations.   For those that don’t remember Quickbeam, he wasn’t in the Jackson movies, but he took care of Merry and Pippin for the greater part of the entmoot, while they were deciding to go attack Isengard (Saruman’s fortress).

In case you’re worried about him hyperfocusing on one genre, don’t; he’s now reading Jurassic Park. 🙂

Camp Eve

Tomorrow we leave for Kid’s Camp, so the excitement level around here is pretty high. The kids asked if they could build forts/tents in the living room, which I allowed after they got some other basic housework done — and they’ll have to clean this up, too. 🙂img_20160603_124549883.jpg
They even made a spot for Abby:
Which Anna enjoyed very much:

Joel’s Circle of Life

In searching blog archives, I was hoping to find for you the video of a 4-year-old Joel. He has always mulled things over in his head. You know he’s really chewing on things, because out pops a totally creative new perspective. A tiny window on the world all his own. A completely different sense of this wacky world.

In the video he asks a good question:
“Since God can do anything, can He swim even where there is no water?”

I assume Joel would like to try swimming in the air when we get to Eternity… =)

My Creative Little Prince’s wheels have been turning through First Grade.

Well, a couple days ago, he explained to me his version of the Circle of Life.
He’s really put weeks of thought into it:

lions eat zebras
zebras eat grass
grass eats dirt
dirt eats water/rain
water/rain eats clouds
clouds eat airplanes
airplanes eat people
people eat lions

*insert cool circular graph here*

It makes me think, then laugh, then think again…

I think I love ‘airplanes eat people’ the best. It took me a long time to digest that one. Figuratively, people walk in and look like they are ‘consumed’. Like a large animal swallowing up it’s little passengers for dinner. Where does he come up with this stuff? But we’ve been in enough airplanes to consider them banale (French for ‘commonplace’, only better than just that).

Then the banale beast of prey disappears and is ‘eaten’ by a cloud. This is almost like one of those phone commercials where each new frame leads us to another world entirely. Don’t you just love to see the way kids think? I hope Joel’s Circle of Life gives you a chuckle today. We could all use a little more childlikeness.

I guess I do feel a bit like I’ve been in the belly of a whale after a 10-hr flight…

Funny Baby

You probably don’t have time to sit around and read blogs, and I probably read more than I should, but The Pioneer Woman’s Funny Photo Contest lived up to it’s name! For a split second I thought about entering a funny picture of one of our ‘babies’ (don’t worry I do realize they no longer fit in the baby category). As I scanned a few folders of pictures, I noticed a theme…

Can you guess the theme?

Which one do you like best?