Monthly Archives: August 2013

Out to Coffee

We have been on the move for about 9 months now, and the waters are beginning to recede. We can see the grassy knoll up ahead. He has carried us and made our path into flat, dry ground that is easy to walk on.

I didn’t have much time for filling you all in here, but thankfully got to see so many and ‘do coffee’ to talk about all God has been doing in us and in you since we last met. It is good.

And if we were ‘Out to Coffee’ right now, I would continue singing. Singing the song that is his Faithfulness and Love for us in the here and now. These are a few of the verses of our song:

That when Joel needed men’s sized extra wide sneakers for his new PE class, they just happened to show up at the missionary barrel in just his size.

That when James was feeling alone, some new friends from Co-op just happened to call and invited him over for the day.

That when Anna needed closure with her best friend from Congo, ticket prices were cheap, we traveled safely and laughed and cried for a week.

That when Kent needed a reliable car, desk, ladder, etc. we found them all right away on craigslist for less than they are really worth.

That when Kim unpacked the random boxes from storage, the random bags from the missionary barrel, and the random suitcases of our gear, 14 years of stuff started to ‘match’!

That Kim’s dream of working with Congolese refugee women here in Dallas will start tonight as a church right in our neighborhood just happens to have such an outreach.

It is a good song.

I hope you can sing it with us.

Maybe write a few verses of your own.