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March to Cameroon

One of our most frequently asked questions is what are our plans, so I’d like to give an update since we last wrote about our timeline (here). We did not make our goal of near 100% by Christmas, and in the process of doing so (and in celebrating Christmas) the deadline to submit an abstract for the linguistics conference in Cameroon passed. We also spent a good deal of time re-evaluating our agenda for the March trip, as what we had originally intended didn’t seem like it would work out. As we were getting solid dates we wanted to be gone, we checked on airfare, and the prices we saw seemed to be the final nail in the coffin of this trip.

Fortunately, God didn’t let us stop there. With firm dates in hand, we looked for better (i.e., cheaper) tickets, and ultimately found some for half the price we had been quoted. So we now have tickets to leave the first week in March, and return the third week.

Then last week, I wrote the conference organizers, and asked if there was any way they would still accept a submission from me. Just yesterday, they responded and invited me to apply despite my tardiness. So yesterday I submitted that material, and started work on other logistics necessary to attend the conference.

Tickets are purchased, passport applications are sent off, and the linguistics conference is a go! While it feels a bit last-minute to us, God seems to be working out our main goals for this spring.

But in the mean time, we have two passports currently getting renewed, and very little time left after that to get our visas to Cameroon, so please pray that we would have wisdom and favor in navigating these bureaucracies.

On Message

As I talk with people about our Wycliffe ministry, I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot, which makes me feel something like a politician. So to make my speech more clearly above board (for my conscience, but also for anyone else who might ask), I thought it good to lay out my “message” here. As I consider this, I see that I have three basic things to say these days, to three different audiences:

To the World

Sin, death, and hell are real, as are righteousness, repentance, forgiveness, and heaven. Trust Jesus to get you from the first to the second. I’m astounded how much these things need to be said, but in this age of increasingly divisive politics, I think it helps to remind ourselves of what is truly important for all humanity, and to focus on that.

To the Church

God’s plan for us is that we would work through local churches to build and grow the universal Church, which is composed of everyone united by the blood of Jesus: all ethnic groups, languages, tribes. Spiritual maturity includes (at least) the desire to work together with all types of Christians to accomplish this mission, which is given to us by God. I’m amazed how often I hear a christian disparage either the local or universal church. If we care about the local fellowship of believers, we should be committed to it (tithe and all). And if we care about the fellowship in Christ, then whether someone is in Christ should be more important to us than all the many other things that divide people these days (e.g., socioeconomics, ethnicity, nationality, race), and we should take joy in finding Christian brothers and sisters unlike us in these other ways, and we should mourn with them when they mourn (e.g., watch/read international news, pray for churches in other places).

To our Friends

We believe our part of God’s mission is to help African people groups develop writing systems for their languages, such that they may have powerful Bible translations which will transform their cultures and churches into the likeness of Christ. While this has been our mission for some time, some of our friends are only recently hearing more about it, and it is as true now as ever. But more specifically:

We hope to take the next step in this mission by moving to Cameron in June, after a short reconnaissance trip in March. To do this, we need your help; we need your partnership in our Wycliffe ministry, through prayer, personal assistance and encouragement, and finances.

Maybe you’ve heard this from us already, face to face. If not, or if you’d like more information about this agenda, please just let us know. :-)