Rain Forest International School (RFIS)

One of the great successes of the trip we took to Cameroon in March was the relationship with the school our children will be attending: Rain Forest International School. This is the compound wall and gate on approach:

And the sign just outside the gate:

This is a 360º panoramic from the parking lot, with the parking lot in the center, and the closest building on each edge:

There is a sign inside as wellː

And a bush signː

And a lovely soccer fieldː

On the right are classrooms and administration:

On the left are more classrooms and the library, shown here again:

The buildings have outside walkways:

and lockers:

But perhaps the most important features are peers for James and Joel:

and for Anna:

And, of course, a field for them all to play on:

And of course, where our kids have peers, those kids also have moms, which is good for Kim:

Anyway, there is certainly much more that could be said, and more things to show, but the bottom line is that RFIS has a great campus, lots of other missionary kids, and ours are all looking forward to studying there next year. So that is one of our major goals for this trip accomplished: getting our kids started on their transition to their new school. We were hoping they could be each excited about this move, and RFIS is making that happen!

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